Why I draw

“So is it a hobby?” I was asked about my drawing the other day. It’s a reasonable question – in a digital world, it seems at odds with design and creative direction. But no. It’s how I think and how I look. When I grab my sketchbook, I think about what made me want to draw that thing or those people or that view in the first place and what are the things about it that I want to record, often with little time. Recently, my drawing has become a thing in its own right but in its curious-mindedness, it’s also part of my work as a whole.

I like to stretch that thinking – so when illustrator, designer, artist, educator and activist Soofiya was in charge of a Friday Night Sketch, a monthly workshop at the Design Museum, I went along, prepared to look differently at its spaces and collections. The theme, mapping, is something I’ve used in my design work but for this, I wandered the space with an open mind, to see what I paused at.

Top left: looking at a display of classic shoes, I wondered how far someone might walk in them and in what way. Top right: a large 3D printer was making tiny, tiny journeys producing little baskets.
Above: I mapped my tentative journey in to the museum, a little early and not quite sure where I should be going.

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