The Migraine Trust

Designing a visual language…

It’s a fundraising leaflet. But it’s read by someone who’s probably seen the magazine, or a postcard for a Managing your Migraine event, or a flag at a marathon, or downloaded PDF resources, or read the annual report. If all of these things work together, The Migraine Trust’s audiences can build a picture of an organisation doing an array of research, campaigning and information work in a connected way.

That’s why we design things in context.

Our programme of design for The Migraine Trust began with its 50thanniversary publication and with it, devising guidelines for its visual identity.

But we went deeper than that. We looked at how to bring its research stories to life for a general audience without making them feel too slight for the research community. We strengthened the framework of the visual identity by looking at what migraine sufferers needed for a comfortable read. Print materials were given wide text columns and to reduce contrast, pale tint backgrounds.

More recently, we’ve been building a visual language of graphics, starting with an annual report designed to look functional while bringing some of the data to life and with a project to design cohesion and usability into information downloads for migraine sufferers and their families. Elements of these are making their way into other communications.

We also look at formats – which brings us back to the fundraising leaflet. Unusually for us, we’ve split a single item, a combined leaflet and form, into two. That’s for two reasons: post-GDPR, the form is long and without an attached form, the leaflet has wider potential use as a summary piece about what The Migraine Trust does. At A6, it’s handy to put in a pocket at an event as well as for mailing to supporters.