The Linnean Society

A new species of activity…

BioMedia Meltdown is Linnean Learning’s project for schools, discovering the science of species through creative media.

Founded in the name of Carl Linnaeus, who came up with the idea of classifying species, the Society has an impressive historical collection of books, prints and other archive materials.

In designing a legacy publication collecting together all of the activities, there’s been a lot to consider:

The communications challenge has been to reflect the heritage of the organisation with a modernity that will resonate with schools and clarity of layout that will make activities easy to understand and run. And there have been three brands to pick our way through for consistency: the Society’s brand, Linnean Learning and the sponsor, John Lyon’s Charity.

The production challenges have been twofold: finding a high quality, low cost way to print a short run of books digitally and to retouch scans and photographs of items from the collection in a way that retains detail and a sense of history.

And there’s been a process to design and adapt as we go, to accommodate content-gathering, editorial needs and proofing.

The result has been a publication that’s scholarly and vibrant at the same time.

Retouching by Catherine French
Printing by Park Lane Press