The Clothworkers’ Company

One review, two stories…

Cleaning, stretching, teaselling and shearing: the original craft of finishing woollen cloth no longer exists. But its City Livery Company The Clothworkers’ Company lives on, engaged in membership, affiliations, charity, hospitality and the very modern business of being a crafts patron and funding innovative textiles research. It also has a charitable organisation, The Clothworkers’ Foundation, which turns 40 this year. The two organisations share an annual review, in ‘flipped’ format.

The two organisations have distinct personalities and separate brands – but with shared heritage, making the brands play nicely together in a single design framework has been an important place to start in creating a connected publication that can tell two stories in two tones of voice.

A printed item is also a tactile thing and though we didn’t want to overdo the textile reference because the Foundation’s work is primarily social, there has been an opportunity to underline the organisations’ heritage in a subtle way, through diverging from standard administrative A4 to a more bookish format and choosing a textured paper stock.

Alongside the craft of layout and the more technical work of setting up artwork for a flipped format and two variants of upload PDF, there has been a rigorous production process involving two stages of proofing and production dummies, working with Park Lane Press, which has specialist knowledge of working with uncoated papers.

This is part of a programme of communication design for The Clothworkers’ Company, with work ongoing on online interface and image resources.