The studio rebrand

A square eye. Why?

Because I’m a massive nerd.

My design starts with delving into the stuff that the brief doesn’t tell me. My creative direction involves asking a lot of questions, some of them awkward. My drawing is about finding stuff out. I will happily research a random topic in unnecessary detail, just for the sheer joy of it.

And what of the craft end of the work?

Well, the eye is made from Ls, which, apart from being my initial, used to be, and sometimes still are, used for cropping.

The symbol is built on a square grid, which will be used in complex and simple forms.

I colour-matched my own iris – a colour I describe, when asked, as swamp green but which turns out to have a palette of greens, tans, blues and black.

The typeface is Univers, which has the short descender (tail) on the lower case y that I wanted for a three-line name.

And the name change? It’s to bring the brand up to date with the range of work I’m doing now and developing for the future.

There’s more to it than meets the eye, then.