Slimline guidelines

A task-based brand toolkit… 

UWC is a growing network of international schools, educators and alumni – and it’s a movement. So it has a complicated brand.

The original guidelines set out the brand and its visual and verbal identity in detail, as a substantial 69-page document.

What individual users need from brand guidelines is often quite simple, for one task, which they need to get done quickly. So my design task has been to re-engineer the document so that people can get quickly to the information they need.

The value of design is sometimes in taking things away so I’ve looked at where information could be more concise and repetition could be avoided.

The new brand toolkit is a quarter of the size of the original, even though I’ve added briefing checklists, an environmental guide and pointers to resources available online.

Our aim has been to say more in fewer pages. I’ll be interested to know how users get on.