Shared Assets – local land economies

Navigating information…

Shared Assets is a think and do tank that provides practical advice, support and training to landowners and communities who want to manage land as a sustainable and productive asset.

A set of local land economies resources for community food enterprises and local authorities poses a challenge: there’s a lot of useful information but it’s necessarily dry. So we’ve been commissioned to use design to help people find their way around it.

Working with clients over time gives me a helpful overview that enables me to understand how an individual project works in context with an organisation’s communications as a whole.

I’ve extended a language of graphics that I established for a set of trading cards introducing Shared Assets, developed further for a fifth anniversary map explaining its work and that Shared Assets has adopted for use online.

For this set of resources, I’ve used the graphics to explain how local land use can add up, making landscapes from maths symbols and using them to describe connections and interaction. Shared Assets’ colour palette is used to differentiate the six publications in the set and clarify types of information within resources. Primarily PDF downloads, there are also small quantities of digitally-printed resources for events and meetings.

The result is useful design that also presents these resources as part of a growing body of work from this lively, knowledgeable and successful social enterprise.