Shared Assets

Mapping thought…

Shared Assets is a think and do tank that’s spent five successful years working on common good land use, through research, advocacy and developing new ways of doing things.

To celebrate its birthday, it wanted to produce a short report or publication.

Getting together to discuss what Shared Assets has been doing, and what it wanted the publication to communicate, the knottiest problem turned out to be to show, rather than tell, what Shared Assets does and what it means when it talks about common good land use.

So we mapped it.

A map is relevant to land but as important is that it can be used to describe directions of travel, systems and ways of getting from one place to another.

We’ve used the way a map folds to engineer the information, differentiating process, case studies and background on Shared Assets as a social enterprise.

And it’s small enough to pop in a pocket or bag – which makes it pick-up-able at Shared Assets’ 5th anniversary party and a leave-behind that’s easy to take to meetings.

High-quality digital print has made it possible to print only as many hard copies as are needed without compromising on quality.

As a by-product, the project has generated graphics with wider potential uses online and in print – and plenty of spare ideas that we’ve squirrelled-away for future communications.

More on Shared Assets here.