Seen in Stockholm

I’ve been off on my travels again, in a trip fuelled by the same the spirit of enquiry that drives the work. So what have I learned over the holidays?

A museum can invite people in and invite people to look out (these, pictures from the wonderful Fotografiska and the Moderna Museet).
Illustration can tell stories and shed actual light: the dual function of these painted biblical wallcloths was to tell the Christmas story and help make dark log dwellings feel lighter in short Winter days.
Chairs were once a status symbol. Stools were for everyday – display a chair and you showed that you were doing well.
If any reminder were needed, that arts and sciences go well together – this is test work by Olafur Eliasson in collaboration with a mathematician.
You can make a whole cityscape out of gingerbread – this, an entry in the joyous gingerbread house competition run by ArkDes, the architecture and design centre.
There was a lot of branding in shipbuilding – here, both to enemies and to the country’s own citizens (this is in the Vasamuseet).
Brick can be surprisingly delicate – this beautiful line work is in Stockholm’s cathedral.

Here’s to more discoveries in 2019!