Planting advice

Being a creative border collie…

Being a designer doesn’t always involve designing things. Having set up relevant and usable brand guidelines, a lot of my longer-term work with small business brands, particularly working with design-literate clients, is to help round communications up and point them in the right direction.

Bermondsey Street Bees is a multi-award-winning honey producer gifted at developing its own products. Here’s the story of its Planting for Honeybees guide from Sarah Wyndham Lewis:

“In an ideal world, Lydia would design every piece of collateral we ever commission. However, budgets sometimes make that difficult. I had to produce our Planting Guide, but two things made that feasible: super-clear brand guidelines established by Lydia from the outset and her design ‘oversight’ offering which fitted my budget, supported the process at vital points and made a real difference to the project outcome.”

The guide is a useful and very lovely rundown for gardeners wanting to plant forage for bees. We recommend.