Masterclass: FAD

How to get over a creative block…

That was the theme I was approached with for a masterclass for Fashion Awareness Direct’s Leadership Academy alumni.

Design is often misunderstood outside the profession as a technical skill. But even at the start of our careers, we know that our most valuable asset is our thinking. It isn’t always automatic and the right idea can be remarkably-difficult to find.

This masterclass looked at the conditions that can cause a designer’s thinking to seize up – and what we can do about it. Which all sounds rather serious… I’m not sure that the group expected me to rock up with a sponge, some Lego and a performing seal impersonation, nor with a top ten tips list that included “Do something boring”. But the group piled in, as did FAD staff, and an enjoyable and informative discussion was had.

My second masterclass for FAD has been every bit as dynamic.