East End WI

Would you like jam with that? …

Jam. It’s at the heart of the WI, though at East End WI in Bethnal Green, members are as likely to chat with an MP, try their hand at ukulele-playing, take part in a piece of performance art, get a behind-the-scenes tour or learn first hand about an array of urban social issues.

So setting out the year’s activities for an urban WI is a challenge. Do we do difference or is it friendlier to have fun with preconceptions?

East End WI are a friendly bunch and information is handed out via chat at cake stalls (where you’ll probably find jam in an excellent Victoria sponge or a cherry Bakewell) so fun has turned out to be the way to go. Lydia has filled a jam jar with type and made a tower of tea cups.

With its can-do approach to things, unable to decide on one design over the other, East End WI has printed both. We like it when pro bono happens like that.

Lydia still has absolutely no idea how to make jam.