Drumming + physics + maths

A linked visual identity…

Drummer and physicist Chris Bray had a brief for some marketing materials for his drumming and drum tuition – and as an extra, a flyer for his physics and mathematics tutoring.

With maths and music so closely linked, the more Chris has explained his approach to musical structure, his work customising his own snare drum and his approach to tutoring, the more a single design framework for the two areas of work has made sense.

A single colour palette and typographic approach is used in tonally-opposite ways with flat graphics.

The square format of the print materials is a nod to vinyl and CD covers.

The result is a set of materials that can cross-market Chris’s work or show his array of activities. And the project has set up a visual language that can be used in a variety of ways.

We’ll let Chris’s drumming introduce itself here.