Do you know what it is yet?

“I don’t suppose you know what that is?” asked the man with the dog. It’s not every day you stand peering at a concrete post but it was clearly waiting for something. Signs, we decided.

The Greenway towards Stratford and the Olympic stadium passes by Bazalguette’s marvellously over-the-top Cathedral of Sewage (or Abbey Mills Pumping station if you want to be matter-of-fact about it). Now the urban footpath is being smartened-up for 2012.

This walk was by way of research for a RHYZOM workshop by Public Works and Somewhere at Abbey Gardens, a communally-gardened space and site of the artist-led social and horticultural project What Will The harvest Be?. RHYZOM is a co-operative European research project; the two-day workshop brought together architects, artists and designers to brainstorm and prototype goods informed by the site which could in turn become part of a wider network of cultural trade called the International Village Shop.

I took part both as a resource – I’m one of the community gardeners – and for the adventure and enjoyment of collaborating with architects and artists.