Designing Maths: Corelli College

How do you package Maths?

That’s the problem students at Kidbrooke School, soon to become Corelli College, had to tackle in its arts festival, which paired each academic faculty with an artist or designer. As part of brand development, this year’s brief was to communicate each subject through packaging.

Using design to engage students with Maths might seem an odd choice. But when we looked at a list of recent projects, Maths had figured in some way in every single one of them. Design also involves exploring a subject and working out what its story is so that you can tell it. Here, we had, quite literally, to take Maths and bottle it, working with the faculty’s idea of using Platonic solids made from paper.

Back at the studio, we turned the students’ work into posters that would give the project a life beyond the two-day festival and provide some graphics for the website.

Lydia was involved in the project through the Ideas Foundation, an advertising-led charity that runs creative careers programmes and academic engagement projects with schools.