A voyage of type nerdery

October 26th, 2018   •   No Comments   

The first graphic designer to speak at Nerd Nite London, Lydia is back on 21 November to talk about apostrophes. Lydia never passes up an opportunity to research something in unnecessary detail so she’s having a lot of fun researching for her 20-minute hurtle through everything she didn’t know about this little glyph. If she’s out and about, the chances are that she’s on the trail of another fascinating fact…

Nerd Nite London is a pecha kucha night for charity at the Backyard Comedy Club, Bethnal Green. 

Just one thing

September 7th, 2018   •   No Comments   

In an industry where increasingly, everyone tries to do everything, it’s inspiring to spend some time with people who do just one thing, very well.

The title piece from Lydia’s Hair Lines exhibition has been scanned at Cultural Heritage Digitisation, which works with artists and heritage collections, scanning large originals. With a museum background, they understand and enjoy the pieces that they work with. There is enormous pride in being able to pick up the finest pencil line and for us, discovery in working with them.

Experts don’t just make quality better; people who know their stuff make the whole project better.

In praise of pencil shavings

August 21st, 2018   •   No Comments   

Technology is a wonderful thing. It does speed and precision, it crunches through data and it makes the geography of a project a mere detail. But come on: pencil shavings…

In the by-products of a manual process, there are moments of wonder that can change the direction of an idea, or spark a new idea.

It’s one of the many reasons why we’re in favour of designers exploring the creative world beyond their screens, whether that’s in hybrid process or portfolio careers.

Hair Lines exhibition opens at Beaucatcher Salon

July 20th, 2018   •   No Comments   

Drawings, drinks, cellos and fabulous hair: Hair Lines, Lydia’s exhibition of drawings, has opened at Beaucatcher salon in Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16 with a private view.

Thank you to all who came along, celebrated, bought and commissioned.

A big thank you to cellists Kim Mackrell and John Kirby for beautiful music.

And the biggest thank you of all to Beaucatcher’s Maryna and Maggie and their lovely assistants, who ran the evening with panache.

More about the bespoke set of drawings here.

Beaucatcher salon
44 Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16 0LU
The exhibition runs until late September
There will be a wrap event and drawing session, details to follow.

Hair Lines: Lydia’s exhibition at Beaucatcher salon

July 6th, 2018   •   No Comments   

Lydia draws her way, on tubes and trains, to and from her East London desk. What, and who, Lydia spots depends on when she travels: an early start means labourers, then City workers, there’s the creative industry rush hour and a late night catches partygoers and shift workers making their weary ways home. At any time of day, one of the things that expresses London in all its human variety is hair: colourful, subtle, modern, vintage, sculptural, practical, point of difference or badge of belonging. Hair Lines is a series of drawings developed from these visual notes and from conversations at Beaucatcher salon.

Beaucatcher salon
44 Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16 0LU
9 July until September

Communication across cultures at the Web Effectiveness Conference

June 28th, 2018   •   No Comments   

We work with clients on communications for their events, we pile into process design and production planning – but there’s nothing quite like being there to give us real insight. So Lydia jumped at the invitation from our client Bowen Craggs to its Web Effectiveness Conference in Lisbon.

This compact, collegiate, vendor-free conference was enormously-informative – and not just in understanding from the inside how the conference works and how much value it has for people who manage some of the world’s biggest and most complex arrays of online corporate communications.

Why a content management system is like a closet; avoiding ‘tag-mania’; telling human stories about enormous business; looking at what content is trying to achieve before making decisions on materials; measuring for the future and a keynote presentation about working across cultures – listening to people from global corporations turned out to have much of relevance to our work with third sector organisations, educators and small businesses.

More on the conference here.

More on our work with Bowen Craggs here.

Two-minute type

May 25th, 2018   •   No Comments   

A go at foiling? Don’t mind if we do…

There was fun to be had with finishes at paper company Fedrigoni and Foilco’s Clerkenwell Design Week workshop. But as interesting was having to come up with an idea on the spot. Designers were piling into pattern, penning fluid scripts and here, our chunky sampler of marker-drawn letterforms. Creative refreshment and new-found knowledge at the end of a production day.

East End WI

April 23rd, 2018   •   No Comments   

Would you like jam with that? …

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A nose for print

April 23rd, 2018   •   No Comments   

The first thing we do with a delivery of file copies is unwrap it and smell…

Fresh ink on paper is a lovely thing (and the best bit about receiving file copies of litho printed work). And it reminds us that design for print is about so much more than layout on a screen. The size of a print item, how it opens, turns or unfolds, its heft or lightness, its texture, the colour of the material, how it’s constructed, how it’s printed… from sensory to behavioural, all of these things are part of how a printed item communicates.

These are file copies of The Clothworker, the latest redesign in a programme of work for City livery company The Clothworkers’ Company.

It’s nice when that happens

March 21st, 2018   •   No Comments   

There’s the stuff you design – and the stuff that happens all by itself but you like it anyway. This set of resources for Shared Assets is saddle-stitched (stapled) so there’s no spine. But stacked, the infographics at the bound edge make a continuing pattern. That’s gone into our visual vault to play with another time…