Communication across cultures at the Web Effectiveness Conference

I work with clients on communications for their events, I pile into process design and production planning – but there’s nothing quite like being there to give real insight. So I jumped at the invitation from client Bowen Craggs to its Web Effectiveness Conference in Lisbon.

This compact, collegiate, vendor-free conference was enormously-informative – and not just in understanding from the inside how the conference works and how much value it has for people who manage some of the world’s biggest and most complex arrays of online corporate communications.

Why a content management system is like a closet; avoiding ‘tag-mania’; telling human stories about enormous business; looking at what content is trying to achieve before making decisions on materials; measuring for the future and a keynote presentation about working across cultures – listening to people from global corporations turned out to have much of relevance to our work with third sector organisations, educators and small businesses.

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