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Gardening doesn’t get greener than this…

Community gardening at Abbey Gardens (with a fellow designer, incidentally) we spotted this fluorescent green caterpillar showing-off while a small snail just minded its own business. We thought it was probably a cabbage white. But hey – even pests can be beautiful.

Christmas decoration

One minute they’re twigs; the next, Winter has turned them into a fabulous frost-queen of a thing, showing-off in the snow.

Garden; design

Out whisking around my winter garden, I spotted an enormous, gloriously-coloured leaf. It had styled itself against a backdrop of interestingly-nibbled lavender and accessorised with a tiny snail.

Play: 1; regulations: 0

Tate Modern: at the edges of a vast carpet of untouched ceramic seeds roped-off by health and safety fears, a border by curious, playful human beings.

Words at the Library

To design with words, you have to wade into them now and again. And where better for an enjoyable splash around than the 26 annual speech at the British Library. Man Booker Prize winner Howard Jacobson was in fine comedy form in conversation with the equally-entertaining Martin Clarkson. 26 – the name comes from the […]

A Samuel Johnson moment

  Along Brushfield Street, towards Christ Church Spitalfields: My favourite view in London. I never tire of it. Hawksmoor churches are elegant show-offs in any light but it’s picked-out prettily in this pink sunset. This has been part of my alternative tour of London for a visiting schoolfriend from out of town. It started at […]

Seizing the light

I can’t waste perfect light. With the palest early morning yellow streaming through the window, I grabbed my camera, pulled some flowers from the vase and photographed them, just held up to the window. There’s something balletic about these buds, folded and curved gracefully into the picture.

Nature, designing

Sometimes nature is just so gobsmackingly wonderful that you have to grab your camera.