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Creative interference

Putting out some perforated paper for brochure dummies, little shifts in angle produced these interference patterns. So I played with paper for a bit before reminding myself that there was proper, grown-up work to do… But there’s a serious point here: playing, mucking about, a spot of what-happens-if-I-do-this, shouldn’t be underrated. Innovation depends on it.

Surprise silhouette

I went out to photograph leaves and came back with this: a Victorian jet-work of twigs and cones. Landscape as fashion.

Seizing the light

I can’t waste perfect light. With the palest early morning yellow streaming through the window, I grabbed my camera, pulled some flowers from the vase and photographed them, just held up to the window. There’s something balletic about these buds, folded and curved gracefully into the picture.

Pushing the boundaries of bunting

Onions. Not your usual bunting motif, really. But this is for What Will The Harvest Be? at Abbey Gardens, a community garden in east London. And I was a bit bored, convalescing post-op. So the onions were joined by satin tomatoes, photographic flowers and big fat question marks. Crafty visitors to its Harvest Festival on […]

Graphics on food

Oh, go on, indulge me: I’m a designer. So I can’t even leave food alone. And then I photograph it… The stars are white chocolate, in case you wondered.

Up in the library

What Will the Harvest Be? at Abbey Gardens is a community garden in east London that’s beautiful as well as productive. Its constantly-changing plants, visiting wildlife and light have had us reaching for our cameras. Our pictures record the garden, help us spread the word and add to the plant database. To get the garden in front of […]