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Hair Lines exhibition opens at Beaucatcher Salon

Drawings, drinks, cellos and fabulous hair: Hair Lines, Lydia’s exhibition of drawings, has opened at Beaucatcher salon in Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16 with a private view. Thank you to all who came along, celebrated, bought and commissioned. A big thank you to cellists Kim Mackrell and John Kirby for beautiful music. And the […]

Hair Lines: Lydia’s exhibition at Beaucatcher salon

Lydia draws her way, on tubes and trains, to and from her East London desk. What, and who, Lydia spots depends on when she travels: an early start means labourers, then City workers, there’s the creative industry rush hour and a late night catches partygoers and shift workers making their weary ways home. At any […]

Communication across cultures at the Web Effectiveness Conference

We work with clients on communications for their events, we pile into process design and production planning – but there’s nothing quite like being there to give us real insight. So Lydia jumped at the invitation from our client Bowen Craggs to its Web Effectiveness Conference in Lisbon. This compact, collegiate, vendor-free conference was enormously-informative […]

Two-minute type

A go at foiling? Don’t mind if we do… There was fun to be had with finishes at paper company Fedrigoni and Foilco’s Clerkenwell Design Week workshop. But as interesting was having to come up with an idea on the spot. Designers were piling into pattern, penning fluid scripts and here, our chunky sampler of […]

A nose for print

The first thing we do with a delivery of file copies is unwrap it and smell… Fresh ink on paper is a lovely thing (and the best bit about receiving file copies of litho printed work). And it reminds us that design for print is about so much more than layout on a screen. The […]

It’s nice when that happens

There’s the stuff you design – and the stuff that happens all by itself but you like it anyway. This set of resources for Shared Assets is saddle-stitched (stapled) so there’s no spine. But stacked, the infographics at the bound edge make a continuing pattern. That’s gone into our visual vault to play with another […]

Studio snowday

Snow. At the studio, we’d been looking out of the window, watching how snowflakes behave. But designers can’t hold back from making things and eventually, Lydia had to get out and play. With cookie cutters. So, we give you snowbabies and snow type.

The bits at the edges

There’s much to enjoy, to play with and to be inspired by in things that have nothing to do with finished design. Leftovers. Workings. The bits at the edges. These are colour and registration bars at the edge of a magazine proof. We love the incidental type overlap. After all, we once based an entire […]

Five days of looking: Amsterdam

Design minds need feeding. So after the pre-Christmas rush at the studio, it’s been good to look out and look up on a trip to Amsterdam. It started with a desire to revisit the Rijksmuseum post refurb. But there was much else to see: pigments at Rembrandt’s house, a reminder of the playfulness of the […]

Testing, testing…

Print. Press ‘go’ and wait for delivery? Far from it… For this year’s studio book, which is the first in a planned series developed from Lydia’s commuter drawings, before any work on layout there’s been materials and format research, dummy-making and discussion with printers. Then as part of layout, more testing and mocking up to […]