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The bits at the edges

There’s much to enjoy, to play with and to be inspired by in things that have nothing to do with finished design. Leftovers. Workings. The bits at the edges. These are colour and registration bars at the edge of a magazine proof. We love the incidental type overlap. After all, we once based an entire […]

Five days of looking: Amsterdam

Design minds need feeding. So after the pre-Christmas rush at the studio, it’s been good to look out and look up on a trip to Amsterdam. It started with a desire to revisit the Rijksmuseum post refurb. But there was much else to see: pigments at Rembrandt’s house, a reminder of the playfulness of the […]

Testing, testing…

Print. Press ‘go’ and wait for delivery? Far from it… For this year’s studio book, which is the first in a planned series developed from Lydia’s commuter drawings, before any work on layout there’s been materials and format research, dummy-making and discussion with printers. Then as part of layout, more testing and mocking up to […]

From pamphlet to case

Designers train – for longer than clients often realise (four years, to first degree level). Then, if we’re lucky, we spend a few years in the design equivalent of Michelin-starred kitchens, having stuff thrown back at us. After that, if we’re even luckier, pretty much every project teaches us something. But there are things we want […]

& another thing…

Ampersands. They’re fascinating outliers of the alphabet. David Bowen from Bowen Craggs & Co persuaded Lydia to do a Nerd Nite* talk about them. Lydia had designed the company’s identity, which features an ampersand [you can see it here], so it was reasonable to assume that she knew a lot. But apart from the capacity […]

Playing with our food

Playtime! Well, yes and no… there’s strategy behind the fun in this pro bono ideas shoot for east London community garden Abbey Gardens. The main event of the year is all about food so with people at the heart of community gardening and events key in inviting new people in to the space, we’ve turned […]

From Å to Ø – design adventures in Aarhus

Aarhus (once Århus) in Denmark: it’s one of 2017’s European Capitals of Culture and Lydia has been exploring this friendly, compact city on her week off. There’s lots to see – Lydia is particularly overexcited about Olafur Eliasson’s Your Rainbow Panorama walkway atop the vast ARoS art museum, the Moesgaard Museum built into a hill […]

Creative workout

Our best ideas start with a conversation – throwaway comments over a cup of tea (and in this case, a plate of Tunnock’s teacakes), chatting around what clients have been doing and what they’d like to communicate. Then there’s the conversation we have with ourselves: the tryings-out on paper, the ‘what if’s, the little scraps […]

Taking a walk for a line

It’s a busy time of year at the studio – but London is also alive with creative fairs and degree shows. So it’s important to make time to be inspired, catch up with friends and colleagues who are teaching and publishing, make connections and at Ravensbourne, where Lydia has done some sessional tutoring on its […]

Ink on paper

At one end, design is all about finding the right visual language for a story; at the other it’s staying with a project until the delivery is done. In print, how the end product feels is a big part of how it communicates. An organisation with heritage and craft at its heart needs heft, texture […]