Bermondsey Street Bees

From jar to web…

Bermondsey Street Bees makes award-winning urban honey from its rooftop hives. Its Suffolk honey has done well too and it’s now curating honey from other small producers. There are honey-based products. And along the way, the company has gathered fans in the food world, collaborators and the knowledge to advise on beekeeping and forage.

That’s a complicated set of activities and we’ve been helping to draw initial packaging and communications together into a brand framework.

Working closely with business owners Dale Gibson and Sarah Wyndham Lewis, we’ve started with Betty, the bee: engraved by illustrator Chris Wormell, she has replaced the original found image with something unique to the company. Roundels of type have been added, pulling fonts from the honey and honey products packaging in classic trademark style (with much fun along the way for us and our clients researching old trademarks). We’ve put together a consistent list of typefaces from existing materials. We’ve remastered the packaging and developed added-value neck labels. And the whole retains the simple, limited-palette feel that allows the product and some great pictures to tell their own stories, in print and online.

Is that all? Well, no: knowing that Lydia likes her research, there’s been a visit to the rooftop hives too. And, naturally, some honey-eating…


Product pictures by Rowland Roques-O’Neil