Bowen Craggs & Co

A design overview…

Companies don’t stand still and neither do we: our long-term work for clients adapts with them.

The founders of Bowen Craggs originally came to me for a startup brand; the programme of design grew as the company generated publications and publicised events; more recently, I’ve developed and briefed-in templates for reports, white papers and event publicity, identifying the right production suppliers and setting up direct working relationships.

But having worked with Bowen Craggs over time, my main value is in having an overview: what the brand is, where consistency matters, where the flexibility should be and how to do things differently. And on a human level, understanding what staff do, what their skills are and what they want to spend their time on enables us to build templates, information and briefings that are of genuine help and to design a follow-on process that gives the team support where it’s needed.