Apostrophes: Lydia at Nerd Nite

A voyage of type nerdery…

Lydia Thornley has been the first (and is so far, the only) graphic designer to speak at Nerd Nite, a monthly evening of short talks for charity at the Backyard Comedy Club, Bethnal Green.

Lydia once cited nosiness as a key design skill and she never passes up an opportunity to research something in unnecessary detail.

Lydia’s first talk for Nerd Nite, in 2017, was about ampersands. This time, she’s been on a voyage of typographic nerdery to find out about apostrophes: where they come from, what they are, as interestingly, what they aren’t and what greengrocers think about the whole thing. Her talk has hurtled through history via a carpenter’s pencil, the London Underground, a mid 1800s rant, a 1960s typewriter, market sundries, Birmingham and a can of tomatoes.