Born into 1960s adland, I started drawing before I could walk, did Foundation and BA(Hons) graphic design at Canterbury (now part of UCA) and graduated with a first and an RSA bursary.

I worked on retail graphics at the Derek Forsyth Partnership, editorial design at Pentagram, packaging at Lewis Moberly and print design at Crescent Lodge before setting up as a practitioner in my own right in 1991.

For me, the great privilege of working in this industry is the opportunity at every stage to explore the new as well as working with what I know. I say yes to projects that will teach me something. I always have personal projects on the go. I’m a prolific filler of sketchbooks. I like to get out there and see what’s going on.

My curious-minded approach has led me to some fascinating projects for space scientists, Polar explorers, chefs, a City livery company, one of the Queen’s chaplains, urban beekeepers, countless charities and one of the 100 most influential Britons in the internet’s first decade. I never pass up an opportunity to research something in unnecessary detail.

Based in East London, I work as a one-woman practice to give me the flexibility to work solo or collaboratively on an interesting range of projects.

I am a member of D&AD (Design & Art Direction)