People, growing, food

Diversity on a plate…

This is a bit of creative fun, pro bono, to promote a community garden’s chilli festival. But it’s more strategic than it looks…

Food brings people together. Community food growing in a place as diverse as east London adds many food stories, traditions and discoveries to the mix. The events that Abbey Gardens runs invite people into the space to enjoy local food, tour the garden, meet the neighbours, take part in activities and get involved.

So the chilli characters put plants and food together to make people.

It was fast food, design style: Into a bag after a day’s community gardening went some of the garden’s event cutlery and a small harvest of food and flowers. It all had to be assembled and photographed within hours, before flowers and leaves wilted. Then, in a creative two-hander, the pictures were sent over to fellow designer and Abbey Gardens volunteer Catherine French to turn into event publicity.

Despite distinctly-dodgy weather, the event was a success. And Lydia, fond of calling red amaranth “dreadlocks in flower form” finally got to turn some into actual hair.