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Ask the experts

‘Room’ (The other door said ‘seminar’). Advising Hackney businesses at HBV Enterprise’s Ask the Experts day hosted by CMS Cameron McKenna was a reminder that when most people hear ‘brand’ they think ‘logo’. Several people came over, sat down and said “I’m not sure that I need a brand”, unaware that they already had one. […]

Long live the art school

The marvellously Boris-like speech invitingly laid-out at the beginning of this book says it all about UCA Epsom’s approach to design: this is a course that loves content and craft. The graduate show, at the Gallery in Redchurch Street, is a proper exhibition, linked cleverly with the web. The portfolios are books. And staff and […]

Packaging value: Red Kite Learning

These are challenging times for charities…

Back and forth

Back from Vienna, reprising a 1981 RSA travel bursary trip. Last time, the trip was to research the Wiener Werkstätte; this time, it’s been to look at where Vienna is now in design and cultural terms. And it’s a city that definitely has its creative mojo back: this trip has included a dance performance involving […]