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Christmas decoration

One minute they’re twigs; the next, Winter has turned them into a fabulous frost-queen of a thing, showing-off in the snow.

Winter finds a new use for a leaf

Come the wintry weather, holly leaves hold the snow like spiky spoons.

Give a designer a little piece of film…

One thing I love about being a designer is that I get to gather random pieces of knowledge and play with things I never knew existed. By way of research, I was at Light Express, a Physics demonstration for A level students, and on our way in we were each handed a little piece of […]

Creative interference

Putting out some perforated paper for brochure dummies, little shifts in angle produced these interference patterns. So I played with paper for a bit before reminding myself that there was proper, grown-up work to do… But there’s a serious point here: playing, mucking about, a spot of what-happens-if-I-do-this, shouldn’t be underrated. Innovation depends on it.