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A clever piece of spin

When I was a small child, Doctor Gurr, a spider expert and family friend, would visit our house with a few choice live specimens in his pockets. Moving to the depths of the English countryside where our house spiders were given names (I was never going to become someone who did a proper job) I […]

Seizing the light

I can’t waste perfect light. With the palest early morning yellow streaming through the window, I grabbed my camera, pulled some flowers from the vase and photographed them, just held up to the window. There’s something balletic about these buds, folded and curved gracefully into the picture.

Pushing the boundaries of bunting

Onions. Not your usual bunting motif, really. But this is for What Will The Harvest Be? at Abbey Gardens, a community garden in east London. And I was a bit bored, convalescing post-op. So the onions were joined by satin tomatoes, photographic flowers and big fat question marks. Crafty visitors to its Harvest Festival on […]

Bird's nest meets tree house meets architecture

With a content vacuum at the studio, I trundled off to the¬†Geffrye Museum to research 1930s interiors. As you do. Several pictures, a book and a pot of Earl Grey later I wandered out into its garden and found a sculpture up a tree. Part bird’s nest, part tree-house and made from bendy wooden rulers, […]