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A nice bit of topiary

Hedge-visiting. It’s not normally on my list of must-dos. But Thames Barrier Park is so utterly, sculpturally fabulous that I was very happy to dodge the showers and take great big gulps of its gorgeousness from every angle.


Some people spend their convalescence reading. Others gather an encyclopaedic knowledge of the property market. I watch bees: there’s quiet pleasure in seeing another creature go about its work.

A Carnaby Street moment

Cappuccino for two at the art book stuffed Rial cafĂ© opposite West Ham station. Our table, I’m sure you’ll agree, offers a 1960s Carnaby Street moment. Rial also has a Polaroid photography project partying all the way up the wall onto the ceiling. And this morning I spotted the bird-caged fashion accessories. All that and […]