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Carter’s Steam Fair and a twelve-foot haddock

George was carving a twelve-foot haddock. A friend of my father’s, he had a workshop above a coffin-maker’s. East Coast Americans, he said. There was demand. Ever since then, I’ve had a thing about fairground art. So I like it when Carter’s Steam Fair comes to town. This was at the marvellous Paradise Gardens festival […]

Design joy

Let me big up another practice’s work for a moment: enthusiastic applause and a few whistles, if you will, for this marvellously-cheerful honesty stall by Public Works. It’s for Abbey Gardens, a community garden in West Ham where I’m a member of the unfeasibly-over-skilled (though I say so myself) friends’ group. But I digress. Just […]

If it were fabric, I'd wear it

Brunch at The Hackney Pearl, at this vintage frock of a table.