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101 uses for a tractor

There are no cars on Sark. It’s bikes, feet… and tractors. Tractor-driven buses. Tractors carting goods and cases to and from the harbour. Tractors delivering food, fuel and, crucially when one of the island’s generators breaks down, parts. The island’s ambulance and fire engine are tractor-driven. Even the doctor has a tractor with a wonderfully-considerate […]

This week's columns

An early folly? A several-centuries-long builders’ tea break? Peering up at Burghley House near Stamford with my old housemate Ness, we wondered what these lonely columns were all about. I’ve just looked them up: chimneys.

St Bartholomew the Great

One of the things I like about doing what I do is – well, I just didn’t know that my day was going to feature St Bartholomew The Great. Sometimes I find myself having meetings in places I would never otherwise see. A project discussion in a pretty cloister café had me tarrying for a […]

Nature, designing

Sometimes nature is just so gobsmackingly wonderful that you have to grab your camera.