Studio Lydia Thornley

Intelligent communication for interesting clients


My clients want a designer who’ll understand what they do. They want an opinion. They want craft. They want ideas. They want knowledge. They get all of that – and someone who once cited nosiness as a key design skill. Projects

Knowledge-based work

When clients need a design framework, someone who knows brands inside out, a creative agony auntie and a trusted advisor, I have the experience for that. I can also get up on stage and deliver design nerdery. Projects



People like to work with fellow creatures. So my curious-minded approach has attracted fascinating clients doing all sorts of interesting stuff. I’m proud to work with all of them. And there’s been some very cool research. Clients

Personal projects

When I’m not working with clients, I’m working on studio publications, pro bono and projects that spring from my sketchbooks. It’s all done with the spirit of enquiry that feeds my work as a whole. R&D, if you will. Projects