Lydia Thornley Design

Thinking clients' design

Branding and communications design created with intelligence, enthusiasm and integrity.


We think that design should invite people in to the content. We think that ideas should be relevant, well-crafted and usable. We think that the process should be built around how clients work and what they’d like to get out of the project. So we begin at the beginning, with the underlying issues, to understand fully the jobs that design needs to do. Projects

Knowledge-based work

Brands get messy. Communications become cumbersome. People sometimes know that they need ideas but they have no idea where to start. We bring decades of design experience to helping organisations sort things out, whether it’s rationalising a brand, writing a good brief, creating a better process or talking to people about what design is for. Projects


Our Clients

We specialise in clever clients: educators, scientists, charities, NGOs, social entrepreneurs and niche businesses, from individuals to international organisations. What they do is wildly-varied but they share a zest for their work that's a pleasure to design with. Clients

Our Own Stuff

To us, design is more than a job and more than a business. So alongside the commissioned projects, Lydia makes her own work. R&D if you will. Projects